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    Chef Terrance Brennan Pinot Noir — (750ml) Riesling — (750ml)
    Celebrate Our LovePinot Noir — (750ml)Riesling — (750ml)

    Celebrate Our Love of the Hudson Valley with Clinton Vineyards owner Phyllis Feder, Chef Terrance Brennan & Organic Hudson Valley editor-in-chief Laurie Szostak on October 8th from 1 PM to 4 PM.

    Barrel-aged in French oak for 14 months, our Pinot Noir provides delicate tannins, fresh berry notes and a complex and lingering taste profile.

    Refreshing, well-balanced and possessing good acidity and minerality, our Riesling displays a soft, yet vibrant, floral finish.




    Clinton Vineyards Seyval Blanc 2014 - Victory White Clinton Vineyards Seyval Blanc 2015 - Victory White Clinton Vineyards Seyval Blanc 2015 - Victory White
    Seyval Blanc 2014 — Victory WhiteSeyval Blanc 2015 — Victory WhiteSeyval Blanc 2015 — Victory White Commemorative Label

    With its bright, lively acidity, a clean finish and elegant mouthfeel, Seyval Blanc 2014 — Victory White is ideal as an aperitif, or as the perfect companion for seafood, poultry, salads and spicy dishes.

    Seyval Blanc 2015 — Victory White is fresh on the palate with strong notes of bright citrus, ripe green apple and melon.

    Limited Edition - Commemorative Label. Seyval Blanc 2015 — Victory White is fresh on the palate with strong notes of bright citrus, ripe green apple and melon.




    Clinton Vineyards Twilight Rosé Seyval Naturel — (Méthode Champenoise) Cassis — (375ml)
    Twilight Rosé — (750ml)Seyval Naturel — (Méthode Champenoise)Cassis — (375ml)

    Twilight Rosé 2015 is a new world wine grounded in old world tradition. Medium bodied and well-balanced, it is bright and fresh on the palate, offering subtle floral and berry notes.

    This unique 100% Seyval sparking méthode champenoise wine offers a core of fruit flavors, rounded out by hints of green apple and pear.

    Our acclaimed Cassis is the only domestically-produced black currant wine  to earn gold medals in international competition.




    Desire — (375ml) Duet — (375ml) Embrace — (375ml)
    Desire — (375ml)Duet — (375ml)Embrace — (375ml)

    This 100% fruit wine, a silver medal winner, is made from local, farm-grown blackberries.

    Duet is a our locally-grown rhubarb and strawberry dessert wine. 

    A remarkable 100% fruit wine, it is made exclusively from local, farm-grown red raspberries.




    Jubilee — (Méthode Champenoise) Peach Gala — (Méthode Champenoise) Romance — (375ml)
    Jubilee — (Méthode Champenoise)Peach Gala — (Méthode Champenoise)Romance — (375ml)

    This sparkling méthode champenoise wine of 100% Seyval Blanc grapes offers an elegant experience for the palate, with apple, vanilla, dried fruit and citrus notes.

    This refreshingly dry, crisp méthode champenoise sparkling wine introduces an elegant bouquet of white peach that is delicate on the palate.

    This late harvest Seyval Blanc remains on the vines longer to accumulate more fruit sugars.